Weldspeconline.com offers a range of welding procedure specifications (WPS) in accordance with the requirements of commonly used welding standards, such as ASME, AWS, ISO, and AS/NZS. The available WPS are either qualified WPS with full test records, prequalified WPS prepared in accordance with applicable prequalification rules, or are additional guidance documents to be used alongside standard welding procedure specifications (SWPS). All WPS have been prepared by an International Welding Engineer with Masters in Welding Engineering and peer-reviewed by International Welding Engineers, all of which have extensive experience in construction and fabrication for the oil & gas, mining, and petrochemical industries.

Simply select the applicable welding standard and then choose your material, welding process(es) and joint type to find a WPS suitable to your needs. Alternatively, click “All Products” or download our WPS register to see a full list of all available WPS.

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