WPS No: 1-1-2-001

$50.00 inc GST

Standard: ASME IX
Material:Carbon Manganese Steel (P1 Group 1 & 2)
Process one:GTAW
Process two:GTAW
Joint Type:Single V Butt welded one side
Position:ALL VU
Thickness (min):3.0mm
Thickness (max):38.0mm
Root Consumable:ER70S-2 (F6 / A1)
Fill Consumable:ER70S-2 (F6 / A1)
Shielding Gas:Argon
Additional notes:This download includes 2 WPS – with and without PWHT. AWS SWPS B2.1-1-207-96 (R07) is also required to use this WPS.